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Glo Twin Bash gives free data, free Talk and call bonus time on N100 recharge

Glo Twin Bash promises extra bonus on a Data and Voice Bundle Offer that offers You 7 times the value of recharged amount.

With this Glo Twin Bash amazing bundle offer, a data recharge of N100 gives you a lot of voice and data benefits including free data, free call bonus for friends and family.

All you need is to buy a Glo recharge card of any value, dial the USSD code *223*PIN# and you get data plan worth the value of recharge, bonus data to gift and additional FREE Talktime.

How the Glo Twin Offer works

If you make a data recharge of N100 (ie dialing with *223*PIN#), you get

125MB data (worth N500), this includes 25MB data to give out as gift to another glo number,

FREE N100 to call all networks and,

Another FREE N100 to call Friends and Family.

How To Subscribe To Glo Twin Bash

Simply recharge your line with the code *223*PIN#

However, if you had already loaded your glo line with the normal credit recharge code *123*PIN#, you can still use the credit to subscribe to Glo Twin Bash

1. Dial *303# on your glo line

2. Then, Choose the option 2 which is Twin Bash.

Select the plan that suits you and follow the prompts to subscribe to it.

Details of bonuses available for all data recharge denominations are listed below:

3 Days
4 Days
7 Days
15 Days
30 Days
30 Days

Remember that the Data Plans cannot be accumulated and are not auto renewable.

NOTE: To enjoy the plan to the fullest you must have at least N 100 on your account to subscribe to this plan.

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2 Comments for "Glo Twin Bash gives free data, free Talk and call bonus time on N100 recharge"

thanks boss for the info. but if i load 2k, does it mean i will get N2,000 worth of airtime to call all networks and N2,000 to call friends and family and 2gig capped for 30days? how many mb is reserved to be gifted.

500 MB is reserved to be gifted for 2k recharge

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