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Lets Work On Your Blog

Blogging is not about selecting a template and writing posts.

Are you a blogger with great content yet traffic are not coming?

 Blogging is nothing if you are not seen – Itoro Obot, 2015.
Check this list and see if there is anything you are missing:

1. Aesthetic: Does your blog have that sleek and professional look or does it look like someone is using it for test work?

2. Engagement: How engaging is your blog? When readers follow your link and land on your page, is it engaging and easy for them to stick around and open another page. Working on this lowers your “Bounce Rate” and gives you better ranking.

3. Navigation: How easy can users find what they are looking for in your blog?

4. Color and design: Your blog must have a unique color, a distinctive logo and them to mark you out from the flay.

5. SEO and Search Ranking: You wanna get organinc traffic from Google and rank higher?
“They say” Blogger is hard because you have to work with “HTML” and “meta tags”, but we got the secret.

We can make your blog rank higher and ahead of competitions even on WP platform, 
so Let's Work On Your Blog

Contact Us for your next blog work;

- SEO and Ranking Optimization
- Template design
- Backlinks
- Installation of features such as Facebook comment box, social media share buttons, widgets etc
- Troubleshooting your blog for issues and resolutions
- Traffic and comment boost
- Domain name registration and set up on GoDaddy, WhoGoHost, DomainKing, 1and1 etc.

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Telegram: @ityunit
Email: admin@ityunit .com
Telegram Group: Bloggers

This is strictly for those on Blogger Platform. There are reasons we encourage bloggers to start with Blogger instead of WordPress. Read Here

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ITY it's ur boy Miles. Keep up the good work.

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