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Opt out of MTN mobile ads spam messages

Ok guys, here is a quick one. After so much legal tussle and fines, MTN has finally provided a quick Avenue to opt out and deactivate all of MTN mobile ads on your phone. This means that to stop all useless text messages and spam messages on MTN you can now dial the provided code without calling Customer Care or save yourself the stress of unsubscribing from the advert services one by one. You can also deactivate Airtel ads too.
Dial to opt out of MTN mobile ads

No more 32043, 33070, 5010, 4100, etc. Especially Isa49v........ Only Bank Credit Alerts, your friend's marriage invitation (lol) and ITyUNIT notifications.

How to deactivate all MTN spam text 

To opt out of all MTN useless adverts, dial *123*5*4# and follow the simple instructions.

Successfully opt out of MTN mobile ads

It is real because i just opted out of MTN mobile advertising wahala

For airtel just dial *902# and follow the instructions.

For etisalat and other networks, click here to get the text filter and block all spam numbers

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1 Comments for "Opt out of MTN mobile ads spam messages"

*902# absolutely works on airtel nigeria. When you dial it you will be asked to start or stop an service. I selected stop and a list of all the sms content I was subscribed to popped up and I selected the ones i wish to opt out from. I also got a message to confirm that I've been unsubscribed. I wish there is a similar service for etisalat.

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