I'm pretty sure by now, Most of us are not newbie to Mtn bblite package. The package have been our default subscription for long period of time now but most of us are still having issue with it.

Sometimes, It disconnects often and frustrating when trying to load a webpage or even using it for downloads but i think the solution is available.

Today, I am going to share you some new super fast proxy server for the bblite package. So far, I can tell you that the new proxy server is very stable and fast than the previous one.

Without no much taking, The new proxy servers are:
All you need do is to replace to or any of the above proxy.

Kindly send me a msg on whatsapp 08161858043 for more tweak
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STELCH 1 said...

Nice one ITY, gonna give it a try now, but I have a question tho, how can I have Bblited work on Twitter??

ITy Unit said...

I see no reason why it shouldn't work, which other app is not working

STELCH 1 said...

My WhatsApp, Twitter and partially Facebook.

STELCH 1 said...

But majorly it's between Twitter and Facebook.

ITy Unit said...

1. tick the option "Tunnel Whole device" if you are using psiphon
2. use mtn default apn settings on phone settings
3. Use HTTP and as real proxy server on psiphon. It should work

STELCH 1 said...

Wow, thanks man.. It's working perfectly now.. Wow so grateful...

STELCH 1 said...

So very happy for this information sir, now how can I connect other device using hotspot, realized it doesn't connect, any solution?

ITy Unit said...

Use the keyword Tether on the search box at the top of this page, you will see all topics which can help you do that.
But note that your phone has to be rooted

STELCH 1 said...

Thanks Boss, not sure I wanna root the phone.. Lol

Hendrix said...

Works for system?

ITy Unit said...

Very much working if you know how to edit the simpleserver.ini file with Notepad in order to find and replace the servers

Paul Edijana said...

Pls i need help after mtn sent me dat av used up my bb10 data plan it refuse to connect i need help pls