Mtn Magic Sim Activation 2016

Good Morning ITY fans here another reloaded Mtn Magic Sim activation in 2016 you have to try this and it is meant for tweakers and vpn user who are tired of vpn disconnecting we gat risk everything so let get started

How To Get Started With Mtn Magic Sim 2016

→ Migrate to Mtn Ipulse for better Results

→ Recharge #300 on your sim or make sure u have at least #250 on ur MTN Sim.

→ Subscribe to MTN 2 hours data plan by Dialing *131*1*4*1#

→ The #250 will be deducted, browse with the sim for 5-10 minutes

→ After thatt remove your sim and wait for 24hours, after 24hours then put the back.

→ After that  you will received a message "Y'ello! Your 2hrs 1-Day Data plan has expired" I just ignored the message

→ Now Start flexing your mtn magic sim till mtn are sent away from Nigeria
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ifeanyi simon said...

is this for reall?//??// or you want us to take a risk???????

Anonymous said...

still testing sha

Adewunmi Adebowale said...

What about the setting for this tweak?

ITy Unit said...

No settings apart from what the steps outlined here. No need for any psiphon or simple server vpn, just browse like normal data when activated

Sunnykinson said...

is the magic sim still working

ITy Unit said...

Working very well once you follow the instructions diligently

Adewunmi Adebowale said...

It nt working well ooooo bcoz I follow d instructions.which I did, bt its nt working very well

ITy Unit said...

Enter the whatsapp group, let the gurus work you through it

Hamma Abbassi said...

Please how do i find proxy ip of my operator in tunisia, soi can use it with psiphon.
Also how can i enter the whatsappgroup

tehmitohpeh sirmsin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tehmitohpeh sirmsin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.