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Unlimited Etisalat Browsing with Psiphon n Simple Server Handler

IF you are using Etisalat, you can now set up and enjoy stable, fast and unlimited browsing with Simple Server or Psiphon handler. The free browsing tweaks or cheat that works on zero naira N0.0 is still available but it can be very slow but the Etisalat Social Pack powers all your apps with  fast and unlimited data if you know how to configure it well. To see how to browse with Psiphon handler on Etisalat, download the latest Psiphon 100 or the more stable 88 handler or Simple Andriod Server to your android, configure to these settings and browse free.

Remember, it works without having to root your phone but better stability if rooted. We will also be updating working and fastest ip for etisalat browsing.
Most people, including yours truly, have been browsing free without using any ip on the updated Psiphon 100 Handler, so here is the direct download link (5.9 mb) to try out. Hoping it also works for you.

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How to browse with Psiphon handler on Etisalat

Subscribe to the Etisalat Social Pack Plan
Dial *200*3*3*2*1*1# and make sure your N100 box is deducted for daily pack or
Dial *200*3*3*2*2# and make sure your N300 box is deducted for weekly pack.
1.      Click here to download and install Psiphon Handler 88 app for android or Click here for the latest Psiphon Handler 100
2.      Create a new APN for the Psiphon Handler
Go to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “More” > “Mobile Networks” > “Access Point Names”> Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner to open the options and select “New APN” and edit it as follows
-          Name: EtiFB
-          APN: etisalat
Leave the other options and tap on the 3 dots again to open, tap to “Save”.
3.      Tap on the new settings (EtiFB) to activate it as your default setting.
4.      Open the installed Psiphon app and configure the handler as follows:

Check or Tick: Remove port
-          Proxy Type: Real Host
Under X-Online-Host,
-          Proxy Server:
-          Real Proxy Type: Default
-          Real Proxy Server:
-          Real Proxy Port: 8080
Scroll down and Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings. Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose “Tunnel whole device
You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the “Options” menu and select a region.
5.      Select “Best Performance” in the region select.
6.      Go down and locate “More options” under the “Handler” button.
7.      Under the “Proxy Settings” Check the box beside “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings”
-          Host Address:
-          Port: 8080 or 3128

Leave the others as default and go back to the main screen.

If it doesn’t start to connect automatically, then tap on the “Start” button and sit back.
After a few seconds, you will see the “white key”  beside the “P” on your notification bar. It means connected! 
Start Browsing

Simple Server Settings for Etisalat FBT

It works best on rooted android phones.
On your phone, go to the APN and configure it
Click here to Download the latest simple server. This Version 3.7.0 will power all your apps without any need for AutoProxy 
After downloading and installing the simple server app, open the app and click on settings and configure the settings:-

Listen port:                8080
Proxy host:       
Proxy port:                8080
Enable proxy:            enable
Injection method:      GET
Injection query/url:
Injection host:  
Injection line:             leave it blank
Enable injection:       enable
Buffer size:                8092
Log level:                    debug

Just tell us your experience in the comment box.


Latest working ip for Eti N0.00

25 September 2015
Working and fast ip on Etisalat Social Pack : Fastest on respective port

6 September 2015
Working and fast ip on port 3128

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87 Comments for "Unlimited Etisalat Browsing with Psiphon n Simple Server Handler"

Is this working in the Philippines? thanks for the answer

am i going to use both apps at the same time psiphon and simpleserver on android

No, just choose any one of them that works easily for you.
If you can get psiphon running on your android, the better cos it is faster than simpleserver

is the update for the psyphon or simpleserver?

Yes, there is an update for psiphon and it is the Psiphon_100_handler which allows some people to browse free without ip. Updated on the post. For Simple Server, just be updating the one from the Playstore and you should be good

is not working on my etisalat i have tried all could to no avail

Yup it works in the Philipines, but you must set the country to be the psiphon

I need config for Mtn psiphon handlerul #0.00

The only zero Naira cheat for mtn currently available is the operamini tweak which is ONLY available for new sims and just 2 GB. Check the psiphon post

It's working pls add on WhatsApp 07064333838 I need more updates on WhatsApp

ITy baba I no go hesitate to thank you for d stuff ooo buh e slow like craze for ma tab oooo & it doesn't even want to download sef. Is it possible for me to change the IP & port after d first step abi wetin u go suggest make i do about am, baba i go expect your wonderful reply ooo

Try this
Download the latest psiphon handler 100 and in the option settings do not put any proxy ip, instead check "use system settings", if it works for you, you will get the fastest speed


my psiphon and simple server both apps are not connecting

ITy baba, u b very sure banka man, ur head dey dere paaaaa
ITy ko ni baje fun e lagbara Eleda
ITy eeeyan mi...thanks a lot

Same hia ....mah psiphon is not connecting..

Thanks guys its working well love y'all

Thank u very much... The tutorial worked, can u please add me to a whatapp group where one can get info about new cheat.. 09035915128 that my no

This ip is now blazing on port 3130

Add me to ur group plz 07014143166 thankx in advance

Please add me too 08163883584

the apn:etisalat in ph does not have a connectivity. what can i do?

Add me too my one an only boss...08136242862

P/s sent me the #0.00 opera cheat u mention in ur last response. I will be grateful. Thank s

On this article, the first procedure with opera mini server4 is what you need.

Bros Ityee which of these proxys dey Okay 185 disconnects every time...any thing I can do? All the above ips are not working for me. Psiphon handler 100 here...thanks

Just for you only, no show anybody o

Pls add my number in ur whatsapp group. 08031993484

Pls add my number to the whatsapp group. 08066985249

This ip..would it be in the new apn settings of the device or inside the proxy settings in the handler below use system settings... Where exactly cos mine still isn't connecting even with the last Ip you me too. Thanks

Especially for psiphon, use the network default apn on the device. Put the ip posted in the proxy settings in the handler

Ity baba, pls as fr d eti simple server, i just set d configuration on d simple server xo which configuration did i nid to do on fone b4 it could work fr me...

It should work with the default settings on phone unless you have a faster proxy to bypass throttling.
Meanwhile for the openvpn, where you referring to Etisalat config or mtn

This is one of the fastest cheats i have ever used after a while now. Thanks @ Admin for this Clue.
For MTN Loyalties, You can Also Surf the internet Free of Charge Using Simple Server Here. Find out how

My Ity plz help wit mtn setting na coz my psiphon,tweakware and openvpn refuse 2 work wit my mtn line plz help us out plz am counting on u plz k,tankz

It not working in lebanon...I have rooted phone and I tried it and it not working....plz help...add me to whats up group 0096176736916 and thanks

greetings sir....plz cn u post fast ips for pc

About tweakware is the vpn still working ?

please add me to your whatsapp group, 07064204242. thank you.

are the servers listed above for openvpnconnect? if so how do I make use of them

ITY baba! Pls add me to the whatsapp group 08067017313

Add me on Watsap, my simple server can't stream video nt even online gmes

Add me on whatsapp group @08147263402

My psiphon is not working unless I buy d smart pak daily bundle Every day wats wrong? d etisalat psiphon settings stil workin???


Pls add me up to ur watsapp group 08062704794, tanx in advance

Add me on what'sapp 08189064118

add 07069351316 to whatsapp group

Pls add me on whatspp 08152625975 to the group thanks

Pls add me to your WhatsApp group 08037601438

Morning. I have followed your tweak about psiphon and it a working good. However, I have problem with the etisalat N100 daily plan. I saw someone using the weekly plan for N200 of which he won't disclose the subscription code to me. I searched etisalat website but couldn't find a solution.
I dontdon't know if you are aware of any other etisalat data plan that works with this cheat apart from the N100 daily plan. Thanks


The code for the weekly plan is *200*3*3*2*2*1#

Add me to the group pls 07062825060

Is there ANY etisalat plan for a month for phisphon? Some one told me that the #100 is for a year. I tried to install phisphon 100 I was told to uninstalled version 86. Am scared I dont know if it will work for me

Pls add me up to ur watsapp group 08064843864, tanx in advance

Hello, can installed the psiphon on my PC? thank you

You can install psiphon on your pc

What's is d settings for pc

Pls add me to the whattsapp group tnkz +234818762938

Hello please add me on whatsapp group 08022813590

Hello please add me on whatsapp group 07064204110

Add me to whatsapp group 08064185178

Pls ityunit I tried dis settings on my tecno F8 but its not working pls help out also d socialmedia sub iI made was *343*5*6#

08136114294 whatsapp me, am new here

Plss add me on ur whatsapp group 08098233274

Please help dear friends, is there any means of using psiphon on etisalat??
I'm in a village where only airtel works.

pls i cant tick on the i trust the application when im about to start, pls what do i do

Seriously, I haven't heard of that one before. Which phone and Android version

Check out the New Mtn Psiphon handler 5X faster than Simple server
:// Mtn Psiphon handler 5X faster than Simple server
and it can power all your android app

Check out the New Mtn Psiphon handler 5X faster than Simple server
hppt:// Mtn Psiphon handler 5X faster than Simple server
and it can power all your android app

Add me to your group 09030611030

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