Comparative Review of Infinix Hot 2 vs Tecno Camon C8

In this unique review, we will break down the technical jargons and present a clear review of the 2 most selling phones viz Tecno Camon C8  vs Infinix Hot 2. I had barely finish the Infinix Hot 2 review (Click Here) when calls started coming in from would-be buyers faced with a confused choice (compare Infinix Hot 2 vs Tecno Camon C8) with regards to the best phones to buy in August n September 2015.
This review of the best midrange phones will guide you in making your choice according the way you use your phone.
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Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2
Display Size
5.5 inch
5.0 inch
720 x 1280
720 x 1280
The two phones obviously match each other on the screen resolution although Tecno Camon has a slightly bigger display of 5.5’. Both of them are HD promising vivid colors and crisp display but Infinix Hot 2 comes with a glass protection.


Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2
Sim Type
Mini/Micro Sim,
Dual Standby
2 Micro Sim,
Dual Standby

Tecno Camon has graciously (lol) offer a mini sim slot for peeps like me that do not want to cut our sims. Infinix gives the Micro sims on both slots but not to worry, it not every time you may need to cut your sim, most network providers are now offering the 2-in-1 sim card type.


Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2

Tecno made a great improvement as regards the battery especially when promoting the phone as a social device which should be able to be awake to get your pix all day. If battery is top priority for you then Tecno Camon is more preferred to fire up your phone for a longer time. Infinix Hot 2 battery is ok but considering the fact that you are spending less but the “Battery Saving” feature will definitely add more life to your battery.


Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2
Rear Camera
8.0MP (Dual Flash)
Front Camera
(With Camera button  by the side)

The selfie addict would love Tecno for the nice 5.0MP on the front camera but if you don’t mind turning the phone around then you get great pictures at 8.0MP with a dual flash for better pix in the dark but then Infinix Hot 2 also offers good shoots.



Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2
1 GB
2 GB
16 GB
16 GB

For the gaming fans Infinix Hot 2 is definitely a better choice. Though the 1 GB RAM of Tecno Camon can definitely hold against any game thrown at it, the offering of a 2 GB by Infinix would provide a smoother play for HD games . 16 GB ROM for your application and storage is gradually becoming a standard but if you still need a memory card, you would be having a whopping 64 GB for storage.


Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2
Octa (8) Core
Quad (4) Core
1.3 GHz
1.3 GHz

If you are most likely to spend more time on your phone doing many activities at a time then the Tecno Camon  is your best choice but if you are a normal user these numbers do not really matter. Be assured that to do most things on your phone, it does not even use up to 2 cores at a time so Quad (4) cores is definitely ok for you

Android OS Version

Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2
Lollipop 5.0
Lollipop 5.1.1 (Android One)

Both are running Android 5 Lollipop but Infinix has the latest update and is running on Android One version. Android One means that, whenever the next software update for Android OS is announced by Google, Infinix Hot 2 will get it immediately and directly OTA while Tecno users will wait for Tecno to release for their devices


Tecno Camon
Infinix Hot 2
Market Price
N20k – N25k
N18,000 (1GB RAM)  &
N19,500 (2 GB RAM)

If you had scrolled down to this, you are forgiven; you can now go back up and see the reviews and what they offer for that price to make your final decision.


Infinix Hot 2 is designed to pack great features at a competitive price while Tecno Camon is definitely the best for the picture and selfies.

Make ya Choice!

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KENSHI said...

The Camon it is. Worthy of buy.

ITy Unit said...

Really worth it if you are prepared to churn out the extra cash

BenKafor said...

Well, it looks like the Camon takes the cake.

BenKafor said...

I mean there is clearly a difference so its meant to be more expensive.

JanethEze said...

I agree with you.

Chisome said...

I would need to see more pictures so I can be completely convinced. So far so good tho

SexyChiChi said...

These pictures are enough for me sha. I will go with camon

CJay said...

Hmmm, don't know if I am convinced yet

BenKafor said...

The Camon looks sleek i must confess.

salam adeola said...

Camon c8's rear camera is 13.0 MP not 8

Pharis Muchemi said...

Well. Camon it is !

Me. said...

I believe buying a phone is highly dependent on your preference as bound by cost. For me, features & functionality top the list, hence the Infinix Hot 2 it is. I'd rather have a removable low capacity battery than have a slightly higher capacity non-removable battery.

ahmad mujely said...

Well Camon is more worth of a try, buh my choice is infinx HOT2 😁😁😁😁

EbadanAnthonyA said...


Derick Spidey said...

Well,believe me.Infinix is just better

Anonymous said...

use volume button on infinix to take pictures.

Nkem Onyejose said...

i am confused which to buy!