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Psiphon Handler Setting and Download for Free Browsing on MTN

Psiphon handler is the latest in our series of free browsing tweaks especially from MTN. The first cheat (on syphon) works on zero naira ie mtn 0.0 and it powers all your apps with free, fast and unlimited data if you know how to configure it well, while the second cheat (blackberry) works with subscription.

Download the app here to your android, configure to these settings and browse free till mama come around. Remember, it works without having to root your phone. Get the latest psiphon handler 100 and browse faster.


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In case you missed, here are the latest working free browsing tips

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How to browse with Psiphon handler on MTN

Here We Go!

1.      Click here to download and install Syphon Handler v102 app for android (Stable n Fast Mod)
Alternatively, Click Here to Download all versions of Psiphon Handler 82 , 88 , 100 , 100.2, 108 , Psiphon Handler Pro Lite and Syphon 103.

2.      Create a new APN for the Psiphon Handler
Go to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “More” > “Mobile Networks” > “Access Point Names”> Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner to open the options and select “New APN” and edit it as follows
-          Name: PH BIS
-          APN:
-          Proxy:
-          Port: 8080
Leave the other options and tap on the 3 dots again to open, tap to “Save”.
NOTE: If after your Syphon is connected, you can not power all apps, come back here and use the default MTN apn settings instead.

3.      Tap on the new settings (PH BIS) to activate it as your default setting.

4.      Open the installed Psiphon app and configure the handler as follows:
Tick the box beside "Remove Port"
-          Proxy Type: Real Host
Under X-Online-Host,
-          Proxy Server: (or as on the image)
-          Real Proxy Type: Inject
-          Real Proxy Server:
-          Real Proxy Port: 8080

Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings.
Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose “Tunnel whole device

You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the “Options” menu and select a region.

5.      Select Best Performance or USA as the region.

6.      Go down and locate “More options” under the “Handler” button.

7.      Under the “Proxy Settings” Check the box beside “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings”

-          Host Address:
-          Port: 8080
Leave the others as default and go back to the main screen.
If it doesn’t start to connect automatically, then tap on the “Start” button and sit back while it connects.

To Share Your Psiphon internet connection with your PC and other devices, Click Here

After a few seconds, you will see the “white key”  beside the “P” on your notification bar. 
psiphon_connected_signIt means connected! 
Start Browsing

NB: For old sims, you have to subscribe to any of the BB10 plans, for new sims, just have at least N50 balance on your account.

Update: Some users claim that it is capped at 2 GB per day but personally, I have not experienced any capping, so if you have, it probably depends on your sim and possible luck. Lolz

For peeps that have exhausted their 2 GB, here is what you need to continue browsing. It is no longer free though.

Psiphon Settings for MTN BIS

1.      Subscribe for the any of the BB10 BIS plans.
MTN BIS code for daily, weekly and monthly subscription

For daily BB10, dial *216*3*1#, cost N70
For weekly BB10, dial *216*3*2#, cost N350

For monthly BB10, dial *216*3*3#, cost N1000
If you are having the issue of "Activation Failed", Click Here to try a new method
2.      Wait for confirmation texts
3.      Activate the original MTN NG APN as your default setting.

4.      Open the installed Psiphon app and configure the handler as follows:
-          Proxy Type: Real Host
Under X-Online-Host,
-          Proxy Server:
(To get other fast Proxy Servers, Click Here)
-          Real Proxy Type: HTTP
-          Real Proxy Server:
-          Real Proxy Port: 8080

Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings. Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose “Tunnel whole device

You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the “Options” menu and select a region.
5.      Select "USA" or "Best Performance" as the region.

6.      Go down and locate “More options” under the “Handler” button.

7.      Under the “Proxy Settings” Check the box beside “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use System network settings

Leave the others as default and go back to the main screen while it connects.

MTN BB 10 Daily, Weekly and Monthly Subscription Codes

Just tell us your experience in the comment box.

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129 Comments for "Psiphon Handler Setting and Download for Free Browsing on MTN"

I can't find where to configure the app. Immediately I opened it, I got the pop up. Help?

Look for the "Handler Menu..." Button below the "select region" on the "option tab"

It stopped working sometime this morning ? Is anyone experiencing the same?

What to do when it stop working for the day. Simple option : change sim. Harder option : switch off your data, go to settings, open the psiphon app and clear data. Then restart your phone and reenter the settings and viola! You are back online

Should I subscribe for the bis for it to work

This procedure is for N0, if you want to do the bis sub, just change the server to and subscribe to browse

Follow the updated post for how to configure for MTN BIS to work

It's like they ve.blocked d last.psiphon mtn bis..pls sir wc one is trending nw...thnks.

Still blazing, if your psiphon stop connecting or won't connect, clear the psiphon cache under settings and restart your phone before you reconnect. Or you can just put it on airplane mode

thnks sir its wrkin nw.....

Sir i would like to know if both are still working

Zero Naira psiphon is still working only on new sim while the bis is still blazing on each subscription

Mine isnt working.. It just keeps saying connecting

if your psiphon stop connecting or won't connect, clear the psiphon cache under settings and restart your phone before you reconnect. Or you can just put it on airplane mode. If problem still persist add me on Telegram to sort it out @ITyUNIT

Did it start working again?

Help pls how many gig is the bbmidid capped?

The thing is that i dont know how to root my phone(lg l bello) and its only ss that works for me. Howevr can i still connect it to my pc like that and does it still connect when all the original data is gone while the plan is still on

pls s mtn bis still working with psiphone....
I tried it....s not connecting

Actually thank you sir. Psiphon works perfectly. Its unlimited for me. And it just got reao fast. Thanks a whole bunch

Still working well. Remember to clear your cache and maybe restart your phone

its not connecting siir

My psiphon doesn't connect with the BBLITED but connecting when i have money on my phone and deducting my money little by little, wat do you suggest sir?

If you follow the steps here your money will never be deducted. Meanwhile, the most common mistake people make on the Config is to select the second option "Force root tunnel.....", check, if you had selected that deselect it

Not working on my Samsung galaxy and my Nokia XL, help help help

Although Psiphon do work on Sammy and Nokia sometimes, the best bet for you to have reliable connection, with those range of phones, is to use the Openvpn tweak

I live in iran an i am using MTN irancell network.
Following your procidure i couldnt to connect and using free internet so i ask you help me to learn how to change ip and port to work perfectly in my country mobile network.
We have a few other mobile oprator systems and i found a way to set web proxy and free net to them.
So please help me to solve this problem

I followed d steps in setting up my psiphon on my android device but it still won't connect.. Any help

is this android mtn cheat still working?

Is this available in the philippines?

Yes of course, if you know the ip or hostname of your network provider server

Bro pls how do I go about d 1000 subscription?? How many gb do I get?? How long will it last?? Thank you

To do the N1000 subscription, send BBLITEM to 21600
You will get 5 GB and it will last for one month

hi im also from the philippines ive tried the procedure that you shown here and unfortunately i cant connect to the server it always said that FAILED TO CONNECT TO THE NETWORK 'S HTTP PROXY: RECVFROM FAILED: ECONNRESET (CONNECTION RESET BY PEER) WHAT WILL I DO NOW? THANKS!!!

That means that your provider does not use the proxy server you may have input for their gateway to the blackberry server, so get the hostname/ip right.

I have been on this shit since morning... for the BBLITED, wats the normal apn for phone used?

No need to change the apn for the phone, use the normal apn. BUT use proxy in the psiphon option settings





pls admin explain this cos im using a samsung, working with Simple server and will like to try this as it seams more encouraging.

I'm sure I did it right but its still taking my credit instead. I've tried over and over.

I've rooted my phone. Reinstalled the psiphon and subscribed. Its so heartbreaking

Just Download SimpleServer and PsiPhon (Search the Apps from GOOGLE Search), after that Open SimpleServer.ini (after unzipping it) and then set the place with to and then Open SimpleServer.exe and minimize it, then open your Psiphon and click on the Settings Icon and set the Proxy and Port to and 8080 respectively don't click on don't use this Server for Local Addresses and then change the region from Best Performance to USA and then save... it and connect.... When it connects it will show a GREEN MARK..
#Hope this WORKS

Good work, that should work. Thanks

I rooted note 3 and installed psiphon but this side did not come up
- Proxy Type: Real Host
Under X-Online-Host,
- Proxy Server:
- Real Proxy Type: Default
- Real Proxy Server:
- Real Proxy Port: 8080

The interface to input these settings is always the first thing to show up when you start the psiphon app (unless you uncheck the "show at startup" or you did not download psiphon from here)
Alternatively, you can always access from the Option tab, just locate "Handler Menu and click it.

Still rocking mine with the help of admin. If you are a note 3 user and ur phone is running on 5.0 just downgrade if nt you won't be able to rock it on your pc. The problem m facing now is the speed of psiphon, its very slow. NOTE: Its not network problem because its very fast without psiphon, I used to get 1mb per second for downloads but now its like 40kb per sec with psiphon. I've used different psiphon servers bt no luck. Admin is there anyway to get around this ?

I'm a bit confused here does psiphon work on MTN sim without any subscription for old and new sims. or It is just compulsory for me me to be on any bb10 plan cos I use an old MTN sim!

I'm a bit confused here does psiphon work on MTN sim without any subscription for old and new sims. or It is just compulsory for me me to be on any bb10 plan cos I use an old MTN sim!

Good morning house and admin,

Please I want to suggest to the admin if there is a possibility of having posts by individuals go with the date and time posted specifically date, it will help to know the latest happening on what you are reading.

Secondly, please I don't know if anyone Psiphonhandler is still working on MTN, if yes please update the house or admin please help us out. Mine does not connect again since this week, having difficulty with it, if it finally connects, browse if it disconnects, it can't connect again,even after trying the whole servers, some servers sef does not connect any longer.

Thirdly, please what is telegram abi Telegraph you guys uses to chat?

Thank you all.

Posted 7/10/2015.

Thank you.

Your suggestion on the timestamp will be implemented asap.

Psiphon is still very much working. I am even using it now to post this.

Telegram is the new level of instant messenger with better features and abilities than whatsapp that makes it preferred for group chat where you can send (upload) receive (download) files directly

Aiit, I bet it's still going with the same settings you posted above or is there any new settings?

I will look for the telegram abi Telegraph to download nah

Itz not workong at all they keep taking ma credit and mb

Mine is no longer working again for #0, only connect each tym I load #100 on my fone, and it ill only for DAT day. Pls I need new setting for DAT, and my network is etisalat.....tanks bro

Please 4d whole time bin, dis setting doesn't connect... writing connecting...

Na so we see am, now daily sub like mtn bis. Still experimenting something sha, any way out, I will let everyone know

My open vpn is connecting and disconnecting. Please what should I do?

Which server/profile are you using

For etisalat user, dis is anoda clue Abt d psiphon VPN, it now work for #150 per week y #200 per month, week *343*5*6# y dis is for d month *343 *6 *11#, still unlimited.

Is the psiphon setting still working

The Tweak is still very much working for October

My openvpn is not connecting,it always showing openvpn authentification failled

Authentication failed means that you should update the password to the new one periodically updated on this blog on the OpenVPN post

My openvpn is no longer working it keep saying waiting for proxy server or waiting for serve it never shows connecting any more pls help me sir

Tank u very much for everything i have use more dan 5gb now but i tried using psiphon on samsunv s3 it keeps on flucguating

Good day, ive downloaded psiphon82 handler and had the free internet for more than 2 weeks using mtn on my s4 mini. Suddenly yesterday it just kept saying connecting but doesnt connect at all. Plse help

I've done the configuration for the BIS and yet to try it. But I need your contact so I can add you on telegram

I've done the configuration for the BIS and yet to try it. Pls add me on telegram with 08033512005. thanks

Hey i need help...i have psiphon82handler,how do i setup this,plus im mtn.Have a tab4,im from south africa,plzz help me,my email [email protected] thanx

Pls sir hw can if find dis psiphon cache undersettings.. my phone have stop browsing since a day now.. pls help me on hw to locate the psiphon cache

Go to settings, then "All Settings", among the list of items locate "Apps", when you open it check the list of apps install on your device and locate psiphon.
Tap on it to open and go down a bit, you will see "Clear Cache".
If the problem persist, instead of to clear cache, clear data instead and use the settings above to set it up again. It should work

Hi does it work in south africa ?

If yes then does it work with the same settings or do i need new settings?

please tell me how to set psihphon to get free network.

pls add me on whatsapp and i need new setting my number is 0027782323333

i ve psiphone85 on my laptop but it is not opening, what will i do pls Admi help

I would advise you use simple server (pc) for the new zero naira music plus tweak

Hi i m using blackberry Z10 and i have follow the instruction gave but still my psiphon is not connecting

Psiphon work best with rooted android device or any device with android version 4.0 up, for Z10,I will advise you consider using OpenVPN

I have applied the stated setting, but it still not working... It keeps connecting and fetching...
Please admin, what next should I do?

Can I use psipshon on my BlackBerry 10

Yes, remember to set your Internet connection to tcp

The Opera tweak works only once per sim but the blackberry tweak works on each subscription.
If it keeps connecting, switch off your data, go to system settings and clear psiphon settings then reconnect. It will work

sir... i am in Zimbabwe and using psiphon 82 handler on a acer tablet but it keeps on saying connection closed by peer.... can u help me

Sorry for coming late
Keep your data on before you fire the psiphon, if it persist, set your phone proxy to

The psiphone is not longer working with Etisalat neither monthly or weekly social plan again accept in like 10mb is on the sim it will work but if d mb is exusted it will stop, but d whatsapp will still be working and other social app, pls admin any other settings for it

On rare occasion like this, the solution is to pad your psiphon with auto proxy

please I use d correct settings for psiphon and am subscribed tobblited but I can only browse, can't download. it never downloads.please how can I correct this.below r my settings:APN:, default; Proxy:; Port: 8080.Psiphon settings:Proxy type: Real host, server:;Real Proxy type: inject; real proxy server: your the more options:USA,; 8080

On your Phone Settings, use the default MTN APN settings, ie without the proxy. Then on real proxy server, change from 10.199... to Keep every other settings.

If you are sure, you are not using any firewall app, it should be downloading.

Sir how do I check my data balance and how to configurate to unlimited

thank you @ ITy Unit.
it's now downloading.

After all this set up I subscribed as I was browsing . I got message telling me I has exhausted 50% of my data. Was thinking it's unlimited for 24hrs but
Mine was just a minute. Any solution admin

O yeah of little faith. You should just continue browsing.
Believe on the assurance given you not on what you see.

It is "almost" unlimited.
Let me ask, did it stopped browsing after showing the notification? I guess the answer is NO!

Yes after notification of, 95% it stopped connecting to the Internet. I have subscribed about 2times.

Admin no solution to my problem

Add me on WhatsApp let's go through your settings screenshots together

hi...I really need help ...when I am connecting it just says selecting server nd takes forever nd still doesn't connect I have a s4 mini with only worked twice

bro whats ur whatsapp number please

Pls how can i use d Psiphon Vpn on my laptop?

Works great. I had to bookmark your blog and also send it to a friend.

I would advise you use simple server for pc.

Thanks for visiting and sharing

hie I stay in Zimbabwe and use telecelservice provider how can I get this to work for my phone

The tweaks are mainly for mtn network but for other networks, get your network provider's ip gateway and input it as the "Real Proxy Server".
ththere is always that 50-50 of it working outside mtn

This is also because Videocon GPRS is the mobile network service is available all the regions of Indian sub-continent. gprs plans rate

Hello. nice job here. please i have been trying to use psiphon on a tecno droipad 8H. Its not working. though my tab is rooted. Pls what do i do

Pls can u add me on what apps pls I need to set Dis on my gioonee phone I tried but couldn't get Tru I tink am not getting it right pls help I ve subscribe twice on bblite and d mb didn't last 1hr pls help my no is 08057887433 tanks.

Can i use psiphon on blackberry z10? If yes. How can I go any it

hello i downloaded the app on my laptop but cant configure the dzebb handler settings pls ill appreciate if u can send it to me... want to use it for mtn on my laptop

I dont understand when you say you download to laptop cos it is an android application. Even if you use an emulator, it will not work. Get the simple server pc file. (pls search for simple server pc on the blog). Thanks

bros please my BBLITE subscription is working pls any free cheat

Cheats still dey but are getting very short life so belong to any whatsapp group and grab it while it is hot

The bblite month and week stopped connecting as soon as it got to 0mb data. I've done all that is required and it still won't connect

Pls add me 08038174393

It's not working on my z10 and I can't access my phone apps, pls what's d solution to dis problem am facing now

not working in micromax canvas selfie lens help please... psiphon82HandlerUI

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