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How to set up OpenVPN and MTN BIS on Android

MTN BIS on OpenVPN offers unlimited browsing on the Daily, Weekly and Monthly plan. The “unlimited” is however SIM dependent but you are guaranteed at least 5 GB download on the One Day N100 plan. Download and set up the OpenVPN VPN on both Etisalat Social Chat, MTN BIS and MTN musicplus from the config files here for fast and stable browsing and downloads both on Android and iPad or iPhone. The settings are optimized for fast browsing. This app is simply the best, very stable and do not drain battery. 

New Tweakware VPN for MTN BIS and Etisalat Browsing, click here

Step by Step: How to install OpenVPN and use MTN BIS & Etisalat Social Pack on your Android

      Download and install OpenVPN [Click Here] or from Playstore. 

2.      Download the BB10 Server/Config files here (or click here to get 4 US servers to choose from) and extract the folder to the root of your phone (or any known location). You can use X-plore for this. Click here to see how to use X-Plore to extract or unzip compressed files as well as how to edit updated password

(UPDATE 4 February 2016: FOR iPhone/iPad users 
Download and install OpenVPN Connect from itunes - Click Here

To Import the config file into OpenVPN App on iPhone or iPad, use either of these two ways: iTunes app on PC and E-mail box. The easiest way to import the config file is through Mail. If you have downloaded the download the config file here, just send it to your mail or alternatively request for the config file via sending me mail to ityunit at gmail dot com. The config file ASAP.will be forwarded to you.

You can also download this new musicplus server  and BROWSE FOR FREE, Click here for step by step instructions on how to activate MTN music plus and get unlimited mb to browse and download 

Updated n Latest Password for 03 January, 2016 :

3.      Load N100 and subscribe for the daily BIS plan. To subscribe, send “BBLITED” to “21600” or dial the respective codes: New MTN BIS code for daily, weekly and monthly subscription

For daily BB10, dial *216*3*1#, cost N70
For weekly BB10, dial *216*3*2#, cost N350
For monthly BB10, dial *216*3*3#, cost N1000.
4.      Open the OpenVPN app and select the “Option” button, then select “Import”.
5.      On the “Import” option, select “Import profile from SD card” and navigate to where you extracted the Config folder to.
6.      On the Config folder, choose any of the file you wish and import.
7.      Back
on the OpenVPN app, you will see the profile you just selected, click
“Connect” just below it and wait for the button to turn green.
8.      Once the icon turn green and you see the key icon on your notification tab, viola, you are connected.

Click Here to Share or tether your OpenVPN internet connection on Android to PC and other devices

9.      Enjoy your downloads.

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147 Comments for "How to set up OpenVPN and MTN BIS on Android"

New server and password available?

Updated password Qe3esucU
Just open the text file inside the config folder and use a text editor to replace the password

Please it keeps requesting for username and password on pc, please what should i enter ?

Please note that this procedure was for Android but if you already have the pc client then follow me.

This is the updated credentials to log in (July 1).
Input it when asked but I'm surprised that it is requested cos the text file inside the Config folder should take care of that.
Username: vpnbook
Password: suf4aDre

Bro pls i cant change my password. .. pls update me with july server and password .... [email protected] ..... tanx

Download Xplore and use.
Check your mail for the servers and password.

For benefit of others, I will post a link on changing pw asap

Do I need to change my access point, or use the default MTN GPRS access point settings

You don't need to change the access point apn, just run the openvpn, import the server and connect. It is Simple Server that you need much configuration

Please Can You Send the new/updated password to my mail [email protected] The Old one keeps disconnecting. Thank You very much

Please Can You Send the new/updated password to my mail [email protected] The Old one keeps disconnecting. Thank You very much

Updated password for July 14 week is faSTun4c

Please I've installed openvpn on my android, but I don't have an active configuration. Please help me. My email is [email protected]

I have sent the config files, I hope you know how to extract a zip folder on android.

Please i have downloaded the openvpn and i have imported the configuration you posted but its not going so i need you to send me the latest config files [email protected]...Thank you

My email [email protected] received the configuration files. Thanks for your generosity

D configuration u upload dnt work for me pls help with new one. God bless you [email protected]

Gud day Sir, please am in need of the openvbn for android.My email is [email protected]

Pls configuration code my email is [email protected] thank you

I need the BVN configuration. My email is [email protected]

Pls the 3 file u sent to me is not collecting @ [email protected]

Config code .. [email protected]

Get the updated pw and try again. Reply by email if you still have issues let's sort it out.

Please my open vpn keeps disconnecting what do I do my email [email protected]

My open vpn keeps disconnecting

Have you updated the server password? Check your mail

Which password should I use

The one shown here ie " span8CHa "

Pls keep me posted in case you update the password...tanx in adv

[email protected] that's ma email

[email protected] .............. please i need the working config files .... thanks

[email protected].. Pls i need the config files.. Thanks a bunch

[email protected] Please sir I need you to send me the working config sir. Thank you sir

please send me the current password of 17th august. [email protected]

Please and please sir, dis is my email :[email protected] Pls send the latest config files and it's password. Let me enjoy MTN too cos I've never enjoyed them. Thank you very much in advance

Please, update password for August

Still valid as of today 24 Aug, are you having authentication problems during connection?

Please does it work with edge

It requires 3g network for it to work

Is it still working? Keeps showing openvpn authentication failed.

The message "Authentication failed" means that the password has expired, you need to edit the password text file to the new password shown here

Bro, please this is my email [email protected] please could you be sending the passwords to me?

It would be much better for you to be checking it here every week so that if there is a new update or tweak, you can also benefit. Nevertheless, you are now in the mailing list

Pls dis is my mail 4 password updates [email protected]

I downloaded the simple server on my BB10 after subscribing it was downloaded but not working i click on start but it keep rejecting it.. what do i do help me..Thanks

Can you send me the link for simple server download on my phone.. The one i downloaded isnt working rightly

Mine just stopped working even when it's not up to a month. It's just not connecting at all. Don't know why. Help with it.

Pls is there any new improvements?

Please guide me on how to unzip zip file using the x explorer

The link to the guide is on post

If you have exhausted your 5 GB, it would stop connecting even if it is not up to a month

I need this programme but I don't know how to use so give me information and send me my email [email protected]

I don't have any config file....And den d password... Email me [email protected]

Pls what's is the latest vpn password

The current password s6EdUrak is still valid (at least till the end of today)

Pls i need the config files this is my email [email protected] thank u

Hi there,

I have followed the instructions with the lastest password which is s6EdUrak and i still dont have a connection.

Please help.

Can you please email the latest config file to me plz [email protected]

Pls can u send the updated user name and password for me :[email protected]
Can u pleas also send the config files along? Thanks

My VPN works, thanks! but drain my battery fast any advice

Lol, of course when you are always connected to a 3G network and downloading, it takes more battery. Read here on how to extend the battery live

hello Pls here is my email send me the configuration, username and password. i have followed your post and downloaded the open vpn. nice work and keep it up. here is my email address [email protected]

Please admin... I need d new opvn configuration packet username n password thanks [email protected]

This comment has been removed by the author. - Delete

Hello, thanks for the files you sent to me. After extracting the file i was unable to put the username. i need help on how to make vpn work for me. thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I have followed the instructions with the lastest password which is s6EdUrak and i still dont have a connection.

The latest password for 27 sept is x2waVuna. I will send you the new file with this pw

Thanks i have seen it and i deleted the previous one and its counting up to 7m minuts in duration

Mine is connected but I can't browse. Pls help. You can email me on [email protected]

From your first comment on the other post, I was waiting patiently for success knowing that you will be trying out all options to get it right as everything I could possibly tell you is already outlined. I hope you will also find a way to make it browse cos it must browse!

Hello admin ...please am yet to receive d new configuration along with d username n password... please kindly attend to my post ...[email protected]

I still can't browse with it. Which APN am I supposed to use? I really need to know if that's the cause. Cos I've tried everything outlined there.

[email protected]

Ity thanks I got d new configuration but it's kinda slow n doesn't work with all my applications (just an observation )... thanks

Ity pls I need ur assistance, kindly send me the recent sever name, password and username..[email protected] is my mail. Thanks

Please understand that I have updated the server files here, including the new fast Etisalat Social Pack config file n settings, therefore the files I am sending to you is the same as on this page

Sowi pls i do appreciate ur work infact i gv kudoz 2 u bt d problem i av nw is dat wen i imported d latest server it didnt connect again whras it was connecting b4 i updated plz help me out

You will need to use a text editor (check the post on how to edit password) and update the password in the text file manually. Sorry for the inconvenience

bros please i downloaded the open vpn on my laptop (windows xp) i want to use it to change my ip adrress to usa i.p please how should i go about it, i dont have an idea on how it works

You will need to open the config file with a text editor to edit the ip
BUT the easiest option is to install zenmate plugin to your Firefox or Opera browser and select USA. Simple and doesnt affect your openvpn configurations

Pls admin i just download nd import d configur file as instructed but its showin authentification failed
Plx help out wit d current pw, d updated 1 didnt work fr me... Here is my mail, [email protected] tanx in advance..

Admin plz help o my VPN kips saying authentification failed despite using d updated server u jst uploaded plz help me tankz 4 ur generousity God bless

my name is Jafabyte,me nos are 08095034192 & 07060501334,I would appreciate it if you can be sending me updated passwords weekly.thanks

the openvpn refuses to connect , is the server blocked?

Use the second "First Server" if the first is temporarily down

please my mail is [email protected], all servers are refusing to connect, help please

Vpn with password JE5Raphu is not connecting. Is it block or anything wrong. B/c I don't have any issue before

It should connect now, all servers are on, remember to import again

THe two servers are blazing now

Any working config Vpn file for iOS ? On openvpn

Wooow....for the first time in history, something worked for me.
I pray it stays.

Thanks so much brother. Xoooooo grateful keeps coming on and off

Connected but it's like my BIS MB's exhausted and it's no more browsing.
Can you assist sir?

Seriously, I dont think you could finish 5 gb in a day of browsing or unless you did the monthly which can finish anytime.

For the fluctuations in connection, set your network to 3G or WCDMA or UTMS only (whichever one applies). it doesnt work in edge.

Thanks for your help so far...but the connection is so slow, i'm not sure i can use up to 100mb with the current speed. Can you assist on how to speed it please, especially for downloads.
Thanks for your anticipated assist😊

Download open vpn connect from Apple store

Download the server from this page to ur pc

Launch ur iTunes and import the server then sync it to ur iPhone.

Then import the server into ur open vpn connect then connect. Credits bobo

It is always faster at night though psiphon is faster but relatively unstable

Thanx bro.You are soooo on point.

I hail ya

New password please

Una 2much. I dy wait since 4 d password for 28th Oct. Thanks tho... Peace out.

Gud day sir, pls send me the config file, username & password: my email address: [email protected] and my bbm pin: 58fb6905. Thanks, pls help me brother!

i tried it is not connecting pls where can i get latest and updated profile with username and password

The server is ok, you just need to update the password ONLY periodically. For the one you already downloaded, locate the text file and edit it. Please search here for post on how to edit openvpn password for more pictorial guide. Thanks

The OPN VPN is not working and when the servers finally connects, it wipes off the airtime, please 'solution can be applied to it

The solution is to go to openvpn settings and enable data disconnect when openvpn is down or better still browse with zero naira

hi, i really like your hard work and how you put people through. am new to this site and to ovpn but this site really thought me what is all about and how to use it. now am kind of confused i tried your server and changed the passwords as you directed but it still don't connect in my phone and laptop. please help [email protected]
can you make the password and username changed monthly?

I hope you are now successful

Bro I have been trying to connect since yesterday but couldn't do u think it's server problem or password or could mtn have winged into action?

Pls help me

All VPN has stop connecting. P/s any prob or Mtn has block it

We are having a server problem not MTN, if it is still down by tomorrow, I will post another server. Meanwhile you can still blaze your already subscribed bis on psiphon and simple server for now

its like VPNBook has stop their servers from running in nigeria

pls settings for simple server and psiphon, any new server that rocks?

hello, vpn is not working, can you subscribe solution. thanks

pls admin any solution to this problem of vpn server not connecting?

Openvpn no more working for now but you can still configure your simple server, psiphon or tweakware and use

a friend of mine is still browsing with vpn but the difference is that it has a monthly renewable username and password

well i still use my open vpn but got new servers created

You can always share any new working servers with us. Thanks

okay but how can i upload the server?

Simplest way is to attach and send to [email protected] or upload anywhere and share the link

this place is not active again

Pls Admin, my questions are:
1. How can I stable my network connection. I keep offing and oning my network data connection and in each case stopping and starting my simple server for my internet to work in my phone. Am using Gionee M3.
2. How can I use utorrent on cheats. I tried but mine is not working

1. You didn't mentioned the network but if mtn, go to data usage and throttle your bandwidth to average of 400kbps then patiently download one file at a time. You can increase it based on the stability

2. No way, the only way out is to upload the magnet to some file sharing sites that gives you the download link. A post on it is on the way

Admin, pls has the openvpn started working on android again?

VPN no enjoying everything is twisted. We need a straight working stuff

Dear Admin. Yes I use MTN. I have tried throttling my bandwidth but don't know where to do it in my data usage. Is it by background data restriction?
My Psiphon100 seems to be slower than simple server. Is it so?
Am happy hearing about your incoming post on utorrent download. Lol can't wait to see it.

for pc user download bblited configuration here

Baba is open vpn working now..pls reply asap

The working is now on and off. No longer reliable

Choi....really wish I cud rock dis 0.0k on it shar

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